What are Connect Groups about? We believe sustained life-change happens best in the context of relationships. Connect groups are small groups of people that meet in homes and other locations throughout the week. These groups make it easier for you to connect with others, build relationships, and grow spiritually. It’s what we call relational-discipleship. It is the place where everybody knows your



Get Connected! Your Connect Group will be a source for friendships and support. They are key to developing meaningful relationships with those who share your interests and who are dealing with similar life issues. Connect Groups offer a safe place to connect, grow, and experience the Love of God in practical ways.


Were there Connect Groups in the Bible? The book of Acts records the tremendous growth of the first church in Jerusalem. Small groups of people met in homes and shared life together. Acts 5:42 tells us that people met “in the temple

courts” (large group worship) and “from house to house” (small group

fellowship). These smaller relational gatherings were vital to the growth of the

early church, and they are just as vital now.


When can I join a group?  Connect Groups change and begin again two times a year, a fall and spring semester lasting for 12-15 weeks. We believe families

need an off season, and that is why we have two semesters each year. Just

because the groups may stop, does not mean the relationships do.


We choose the word semester because the groups are running in conjunction

with the school calendar. The Spring semester will begin the week of February

3rd and end the 1st week in May. Find a group that interests you, contact the

leader, and let the adventure begin. If you were unable to connect to a group

in February, you can join one at any time during the semester.



What is the best kind of Connect Group? The best Connect Group is the one that fits you best. Feel free to test drive a couple of groups and allow God to lead you into meaningful relationships with others. Every Connect Group is unique and different. Do not allow one bad experience to keep you from moving forward.